How to Write a Dissertation Proposal: Structure and Examples

A dissertation proposal is a scholarly paper that is almost always obligatory and vital for the forthcoming Ph.D. thesis. The main point of it is to announce the study subject and its limitations. You also should state the methods to be used, your scientific basis, and how the results can be used for further advances.

This is quite an important paper that is good for the examination of the conducted study. By reading it, your instructors can make suggestions and corrections. Basically, it is a short summary of a Ph.D. dissertation. When writing a dissertation proposal it is essential to get the structure done and receive feedback on it. After that, you can write or buy dissertation correlating with the approved subject.

So what are the basics you need to know to master your paper? Let’s dive in.

General Dissertation Proposal Structure

Although the actual outline may vary depending on the subject and university, the general dissertation proposal structure is similar everywhere. It includes such sections:

  • Introduction. This is a segment where you introduce your topic and make a thesis statement. You can also mention the scientific basis and the importance of your study. You also need to raise questions you are going to focus on and specify the purpose of the study. You will also have to cover the terms’ definitions. And don’t forget about size limitations.

  • Methodology. Here you state the architecture of your study and the scientific approaches taken. If you are including an experiment, describe the environment, members and the evidence collection, and analysis process. You need to state the hypothesis of the concerned paper. End up with the conclusion.

  • Literature Review. This part of a proposal for dissertation should dwell on any scientific publications you have analysed and/or aim to analyse later. List all sources you have used.

  • Research findings. This piece is all about the findings you’ve already discovered in the preliminary work. It should correlate with the study objectives that you’ve already stated.

  • Conclusion. It is the summary of your dissertation proposal. It should be relevant to the introduction. Here you sum up the information you already have and propose a consecutive discussion.

  • Bibliography. A list of sources you’ve used to draw up your proposal as well as any other cited material.

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Writing a dissertation proposal might appear challenging, so here are some tips that will help you to get the process going.

  1. Find a topic. According to the subject, look through possible data gaps and unestablished ideas. You might make a list of key topics that seem appealing and exciting for you. Go through them and find the most fascinating and relevant from a scientific perspective. It needs to have scientific value and not to be a summary of the previous findings of other scientists.

  2. Make quality inquiries. Get to know the investigated topic deeply. Go through books and scholarly articles. You may use online libraries and look for the most recent findings and related articles.

  3. Work out a title and structure. Make the first draft of your dissertation proposal outline. You may also put marks on what information you are writing in every line of the plan. As for the title – it should be specific and clear.

  4. Fill in the sections. According to your draft plan put more information in each section. It is better to follow a logical order, don’t start with works cited.

  5. Review the finished paper. As soon as you are done put it away. Reviewing is important, but you need a clear head to do it properly. You may go for a walk or even do it the next day. It is up to you and set deadline. It is better to review a paper at least twice. If you don’t feel confident about the format and editing, you may turn to an online custom writing company and choose the best essay writing service to address your issues.These companies provide high-quality help with proofreading and editing as well.

Dissertation proposal sample

Are you still not sure you know how to write a dissertation proposal? First of all, you may look for help in a dissertation proposal writing service. It is a great way to find professional assistance. And don’t worry, here’s a dissertation proposal example that might give you some inspiring ideas:

1. Introduction

2. Theoretical Background and Literature Review

  • Terms, history of the subject and the previous scientific works on it.

  • The methodology of the owned work.

3. Study/Experiment Setting

  • The case, environment, members, data analysis, and collection. Mention all the data you have.

  • The expected result and the way you are going to use it in your paper.

4. Conclusion

5. List of Sources

A proposal isn’t always obligatory. It is a great way for any student to start with a Ph.D. paper. It helps to get individual thoughts organised and create a general idea of the forthcoming study. It also helps to share new ideas with other students and instructors. This way you can get feedback on prepared findings that will help you with the prospective paper. Remember to use the example to design your write-up. And most importantly – don’t forget to review your final work!

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