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Guide in Writing a Personal Statement forStudents

Your personal statement plays an important role when you enter a university. It fleshes you out as a candidate beyond just your test scores. Unlike your A/L results, a personal essay allows you to write about your hobbies and life values, making your overall application stronger.

Your undergraduate essay should not read like a term paper. It should be written in lively, dynamic language. Use an easy-to-read structure that builds you up as an interesting and ambitious student for the best colleges . Don’t be afraid to get personal when writing a statement – within reason of course.

The Main Goal of a Personal Statement for College

A personal statement for university is the best tool you have for presenting yourself to the admissions council as a well-rounded candidate. This letter proves you are ready for university-level work. It also shows you are mature enough to take on more responsibility as a student. Use it to make your case to the university to accept you as an undergraduate.

How to Make a Perfect Personal Statement Structure?

Most students think the statement’s structure should essentially display a laundry list of achievements. Have you run a marathon, climbed Mount Everest, saved a village in Tanzania from malaria? If you have such accomplishments under your belt, you should definitely list them in your personal statement. However, such feats are not mandatory to impress the admissions officials.

Generally speaking, writing an essay for university is not a difficult task. However, writing an excellent letter that convinces the admissions officials to accept you can be difficult and demanding. Some students need help to learn how to write a personal statement. Don’t hesitate to contact one of the best essay writing service if you do.

How Many Characters should be in a Personal Statement?

A statement essay should run about 500 words in length. However, most applicants worry about how many characters should be in there. You might be worried about your letter being too short, but the admissions office does not meticulously calculate the number of words in your essay. Nevertheless, if you find yourself unable to write a lot, you can seek out writing services.

Tips to Write a Perfect Personal Statement forCollege

A good statement essay is difficult for some applicants to write because of a lack of understanding, running out of ideas, and anxiety. So, follow these points to learn how to write a personal statement:

· Brainstorm Ideas

How to start a personal statement? You should start your university essay by taking time to brainstorm ideas. Jot down everything that comes to mind. You could spend a day or two just scribbling down ideas for your essay. Don’t make things up. Base your ideas on actual experiences, thoughts, or circumstances.

· Structure the Essay based on Your Ideas

Now it’s time to organize everything you’ve scribbled down for the essay. If you brainstormed right, there should be plenty of ideas for your essay. You can structure the paper based on these points.

Arrange your points based on topics or similarity. This is a chance to go over your initial ideas and strike out anything you feel is uninteresting or redundant. It’s best to focus on one or two points here. The ideas on top of the essay should be the most intriguing points.

· Focus on the Main Point

You should now have a number of points to discuss in your essay. But remember, any great essay has a central point or a focus. It’s the idea that’s mentioned in the introduction and is built up during the essay up to the conclusion. If your personal statement structure lacks a strong focus, your essay would seem scatterbrained.

When you have several great ideas, it can be difficult to come up with a singular focus. Aim to find a similar theme in the ideas you have jotted down. Hone in on an oft-repeated theme if you have too many things to write about.

· Write Something Original or Unusual about Your Life

Admissions officials read hundreds of student statements during enrolment months. Most quickly skim through the essays. Therefore, you have a limited window to attract attention. You should impress the reader, and must do so quickly. The best way to do this is to write something original or unusual about your life in your university personal statement.

Think of something you wouldn’t really share with others. For example, have you overcome an illness, financial problems, family struggles, or anything similar? It could even be an interesting experience as a child. As long as it makes you appear unique, the experience or event should go in the essay.

· Do Some Research

It can be difficult to write interesting things about yourself without seeming completely self-absorbed. It’s understandable if you can’t think of anything unusual about yourself. You can overcome this hurdle by collecting information from people you know who may have plenty of interesting things to say about you. They might even add things you hadn’t thought of in the first place.

· Start Writing

This is the most work-intensive part. It’s time to use all the information you have gathered and put it all into writing a personal statement. It should have a strong introduction, a body consisting of less than six paragraphs, and a clear conclusion. Make several drafts to perfect your style and master the format of the essay.

· Edit and Rewrite

The writing process is not complete without the editing and the rewriting steps. Don’t be afraid to delete things you might not like about the essay. Expect to write several drafts and fix them until your text is perfect.

So plan a rewriting process that might take as long as the writing process. To finish off, there are useful tips for international students . You could also hire an editor to correct language mistakes and show you how to end a personal statement.

· Be Authentic

The pressure is high to make your essay outstanding and exceptional. But avoid writing falsehoods to make yourself look good. It’s important that you are honest. Be yourself and write from your own experiences. Admissions officials might be able to see through your essay if not.

A Personal Statement Is Important ForStudent Success

The above points describe the main features of writing a statement essay for a university. It’s tough work as you might have guessed. If you want to improve, you can turn to professional essay writers.

Our authors are highly professional with extensive experience in writing and editing articles and essays. They can convert your basic ideas into an error-free college-level essay with a strong focus. Your essay would be much less likely to end up in the rejection pile. We can guarantee your university entrance with a statement written by our professionals.

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