How to Write Good Hook for an Essay with Examples

Only 10% of students can complete a proper essay from the first attempt. For others, this process is associated with a lot of stress. Completing writing tasks requires multiple skills. One of them is the ability to evoke interest in readers. Readers can identify whether they want or don’t want to proceed with reading from the first lines. Therefore, your ultimate goal is to catch their eye immediately and then follow your narration. Below we suggested several introductory sentences to start an essay from a positive note. No doubt, it’s hard to disclose all ideas in the beginning, but you can make a remarkable effect on readers by using our tips.

Best Tips on How to Write a Good Essay Hook

Now we will explain in details what is a hook when writing an essay. For your convenience we’ve developed several tips describing patterns to create a breathtaking hook for an essay:

  • Before starting to think about the hook of an essay, try to understand the paper you are working on. If you got an assignment from your teacher, half the job is done. Academic writing is good in this respect because you receive a detailed explanation. Introductory sentences can be different depending on the write-up you’re completing (descriptive, critical, persuasive, argumentative, etc.);

  • Create an essay outline. This will help develop ideas for a hook in essay. By creating an outline, you can structure your work properly. For example, if you write about leadership, quotes of Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs suit best.

  • Understand your audience. Each audience has its own preferences depending on age, profession, nationality or religion. Address the audience you’re writing for using specific language. For academic papers, use academic language patterns so your readers can understand the issues you address in your paper. Avoid slang and developing narration from the first person. A hook in an essay should target academic cohort. In this case, using relevant statistical figures is highly appreciated. If you’re writing about the job market in Phoenix, an excellent hook essay example can be as follows: “Unemployment reached incredible rates in Phoenix: roughly 7.6% of people in the city can’t find jobs.”

  • Understand your goals. Before you start writing and creating a hook for an essay, comprehend the essay frame, style and tone. Be creative because an introductory sentence on a complex topic for popular magazines can be humorous to relax readers and set them to master the material. Writing a hook for college essay requires using a more formal approach.

  • Use three to seven introductory sentences, no more, no less. A hook for a simple narrative essay may consist of one or two sentences. An essay hook example may consist of the whole paragraph if you’re completing a scientific publication. It doesn’t matter how long your hook is – the more important thing is that it should reflect the main idea you want to deliver to your readers. However, the effectiveness of your hook in terms of the impact on readers doesn’t correlate with the number of words in it. A powerful hook may fit in one sentence.

  • There are many alternatives for hooks. For example, you may place a quote, a contradictory statement or an anecdote. You should investigate which hook will be perfect for your audience. Browse quotes of famous people or anecdotes on the internet.

Now, as you have learned how to write a good hook, let’s switch to essay hook examples. This will help you choose the right one for your piece. This is the most valuable essay help you can ever get online. Each hook essay example matches the purposes of each type of paper. So, let’s have a look for introductory sentences we’ve chosen as examples.

7 Examples of How to Write a Good Hook for a College Essay

We’ve discussed several tips that can be used to write a catchy introduction hook. Here are some examples that you may employ in your paper:

  1. “A friend in deed is a friend indeed” – a saying;

  2. “Staying optimistic helps overcome many obstacles” – a piece of advice;

  3. “There are ways to save money by spending it” – a contradictory statement;

  4. “In English, a new word is added every two hours” – an interesting fact;

  5. “Why bother about brushing teeth twice a day?” – a question;

  6. “60% of candidates quit the process of applying for a job because it took long” – a statistical figure;

  7. “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it” – a quote.

The way you start your assignment depends on its type. For example, it’s better to start persuasive essays with catchy statements.

Below you can find some examples for a decent persuasive essay hook:

“The number of full-time workers is decreasing nowadays. People prefer to work part-time and have more time for family or hobbies”.

If you should complete an argumentative essay, it’s better to begin with questions. An argumentative essay hook may look like this:

“Is legalization of marijuana a necessary step to decrease addiction to this drug? There are several interesting facts that prove the opposite.”

Except for the type of essay, keep in mind the type of audience you’re writing for. If you still have any doubts about whether you can write good hook sentences you may pay for essay writing and get professional essay after a short time. This is the chance of learning from professionals and improve your academic performance.

As you see, a good hook for essay is one of the key factors. With the examples of great essay hooks we have provided, any student can make an unforgettable impression on their teacher. However, creating a good hook for an essay is only the first step to write an impressive paper. Unfortunately, not all students have writing talent. For those who’ve tried hard but failed, we offer professional writing help. It’s up to you whether to struggle further or trust writing your paper to professionals Many students globally take the benefits from using our service. So why not place your order and make your life a little bit easier?

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