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Essay Writing: Structure, Tips and Examples

An essay is a form of scholarly writing that is more than just common in higher education. It is a basic way of scientific communication and idea sharing. It is essential for students as well as professors that also write them.

The secret to successfully creating a paper is the outline. Essay structure helps readers perceive your arguments logic. By properly structuring your paper, you will not only increase your grades, you will also get used to formulating your ideas. Good essay structure should be formed following scholarly demands. So how exactly can you master the structure of your paper? Let’s dive in.

Fundamental Parts of the Structure

Every paper has three main structural parts. The introduction and conclusion are always strictly placed in the outline. The main body is flexible. It can include several sections in accordance with the writer’s needs.

The introduction is one of the crucial parts of your work, and it needs to be strong. You need to develop an idea of your essay. It should be short and straightforward, simple, and address the subject and general claims.

It includes the topic and should be very clear about the goal of your paper. Here you need to write the key ideas that will be developed further. Basically, it is a short review of your arguments. Don’t get into details – keep it short. Here’s an example of an introduction:

Imagine that the topic of your work is “Hatsune Miku and Lil Miquela – New Form of Digital Art or Successful Marketing Strategy?” Then the introduction should be formed like this:

The development of technology has a significant impact on the art and music industry. The appearance of AI simulated and digitally generated personas, such as Hatsune Miku and Lil Miquela are viewed as a new form of creation and art. However, they are also perceived as new marketing strategies that are designed for commercial purposes. They also raise the problem of the new ethics that needs to be formed concerning content creation and new types of performers.

The following section of an essay is the main body. Dwell on at least three arguments. Each logically separated. Introduce every new argument with a new paragraph. In your essay writing structure, be clear and argumentative. For example, the first paragraph may develop the idea of digital performers as a new form of art. The second may explore the commercial advantages of such performers and the marketing possibilities. And the third may address some ethical issues that are connected to these performers.

A signpost sentence concerning the point you are making should begin each section. You need to focus on one step at a time. A signpost sentence can be formed as follows:

The marketing potential of cyber performers is enormous because it can be copied to any interface and never get tired or bored and can therefore, be perceived at any time.

The last section of the structure of the essay is the conclusion. The number of sentences here depends on your paper’s size. It is a summary of the argument referring to the introduction and main body. Here you can also suggest further discussion. Don’t include any new topics or ideas. The conclusion deals only with what has been mentioned before. Here’s an example:

Hatsune Miku and Lil Miquela represent modern society’s technological and social development. They explore new forms of art based on digitally created music and social media. At the same time, they represent enormous marketing and commercial potential as they can be spread and recreated fast and from any device. The question of the ethics concerning digital performers and the content creation makes this phenomenon even more complex. The further discussion should lead to the formulation of new ethics.

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5 Tips for Writing Proper Structure

If you are still not sure you know how to structure an essay, here are 5 tips for you:

  1. Formulate the title. It should be attention-grabbing, clear, and relevant. If there is no place for discussion, you are probably just stating what is already known. The title and the topic greatly influences the outline.

  2. Write down the points you are going to address. If your paper is short three is enough. But if you are working on something bigger, you might need more paragraphs. Think through the order the points should be placed, where you need to put the theoretical background, or counterarguments.

  3. Make a good draft. Simply sketch a plan in a notebook. Go through and define the logic behind it.

  4. Start with the main body. It is sometimes hard to start with a strong introduction. Should I write my essay in any order? No, try to develop your arguments, and after that, you’ll do it easier. You can fill in the main body and then go to the beginning.

  5. Revise your text. Structure in writing an essay is as vital as the revision. Check out spelling and grammar mistakes. Go through the text from the reader’s point of view. Is it logical? Is every point clear? Are they easy to follow?

The great outline creates a fascinating argument. Try to follow tips to master your paper. Don’t forget to save time for revisions and making changes. If you don’t feel confident enough, you may buy essay online. It is a beneficial way to get professional assistance.

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