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50 the Best ideas for persuasive speech

The most crucial step in writing an excellent academic assignment is choosing the right topic. That is why every student should look for the best ideas for a persuasive speech. A persuasive speech is different from other types of writing because you need to present an idea in a logical manner that aims at changing people’s opinion. Listening to your speech, people will be tempted to make a move or change their stance about something.

How to Write the Best Persuasive Speech?

You should choose a topic you’re personally interested in. This means you can quickly research it to find relevant evidence to support your opinion. Pick something that you’re passionate about. This way you will sound informed. However, you should also make sure the topic is intriguing so the audience will be interested in listening to your persuasive speech until the end.

After you study a subject well, you should practice good presentation skills. The most significant difference between a speech and any other academic writing is that you have to set up a show. People will be interested in listening to you until the end if you know how to present the topic right.

Write an Excellent Persuasive Speech

Struggling students usually think about hiring decent speech writing service to help finish their assignments. This is a smart solution, but there are also a few points that can help you give an excellent presentation.

Who is your audience? What is their position? You should make sure you’ve taken this in mind before working on your speech. You should have a good understanding of words – even anticipate what might be going on in people’s minds. This way you can guarantee they will eventually agree with your viewpoint.

Make sure you’ve studied the opposing opinion as well. This shows your audience that you’ve researched the topic which makes your assignment more sensible. Now all you need is a lot of enthusiasm and an excellent topic.

If you are struggling to find intriguing persuasive speech ideas for college, you can hire the best essay writing service to finish your speech on time. Here, we help you come up with some exciting ideas as well. This is our amazing list with subjects that will hook your audience, keep them engaged till the end, and tempt them to believe in your viewpoint.

Education Persuasive Speech Topics:

  1. Should bullies be expelled or listened to?

  2. School uniform is not mandatory because kids and teenagers must have a chance to express their personalities.

  3. Elementary students should be asked to learn a foreign language to prepare them for a better future.

  4. Schools must stop teaching cursive writing.

  5. Should students be allowed to have their cellphones during the school day?

  6. Would it better if high school students had the chance to do community work to graduate?

  7. Do schools have the right to search students’ lockers and backpacks to fight drugs?

  8. Free college and university education to needy children. Are you for or against?

Good Persuasive Speech Topics about Science and Environment:

  1. Do you think that the government should spend more on space programs or ways to improve life in less privileged areas?

  2. For or against human cloning? What are the pros and cons?

  3. Banning plastic bags. What are the impacts on several industries and aspects of life?

  4. Is animal testing moral? Would you rather have medications tested on humans?

  5. Offshore drilling and its effect on marine life.

  6. Genetically modified foods have lots of benefits but come with risks.

  7. Disposable diapers have a bad impact on the environment, but they make life much easier.

  8. Hybrid cars are good for the environment but will impact government resources.

Easy persuasive speech topics about Technology:

  1. Libraries are dying because of Google and other search engines.

  2. Printing photos vs keeping them on a computer.

  3. The internet is not doing much to help deaf people.

  4. Our mailboxes aren’t protected from intruders.

  5. Electronics make people lazy and less motivated.

  6. There isn’t enough regulation on internet gambling.

  7. An iPhone or an Android?

  8. Are online chat-rooms safe?

Arts and Culture Persuasive Speech Ideas:

  1. Rock music is an accurate representation of political life in the 60s.

  2. Listening to music improves everybody’s day.

  3. More people must consider art and music therapy to deal with several health issues.

  4. Graffiti is an exciting form of art.

  5. Paper books are better than e-books.

  6. Do you think museums should be free?

  7. Students should be allowed to learn a musical instrument at school.

  8. Offensive language removed from classical works. Do you agree?

Economic Topics for a Speech:

  1. Imposing taxes on products manufactured outside .

  2. Minimum wage isn’t enough.

  3. Oil companies are the reason why energy prices are always rising.

  4. Hiring foreign employees. For or against?

  5. Interns must be paid for work.

  6. Tipping in restaurants must be mandatory.

  7. What’s Brexit’s effect on economy?

  8. People over the age of 65 have the right to free public transport.

Other Persuasive Speech Ideas:

  1. If someone gets more than one DUI, they should lose their driving license.

  2. Assault weapons must be banned and considered illegal.

  3. Ghosts aren’t real.

  4. People need to live with each other before getting married.

  5. Religious organizations should pay taxes. Are you for or against?

  6. Do you think countries should accept refugees for certain religious beliefs?

  7. A cake isn’t really a cake if it’s dry.

  8. Girls don’t gossip as much as social media suggests.

  9. Why family shouldn’t be added to your social media accounts.

  10. Assisted suicide should be legalized.

These are some controversial topics for a persuasive speech that you can think about for your upcoming assignment. You must research the topic thoroughly, make a list of all the pros and cons, then take notes. Think of the obstacles you might encounter while working on your speech and be well-prepared.

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